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Jan. 27th, 2010

I live! Somewhere.

I guess there is nothing to report. I've been pining after a niddy noddy lately, now that I've started spinning with a bit more fervor, but to choose an appropriate size (that would accommodate copious amounts of yarn in the future and little now) has finally led me to decide on the homemade PVC version. I do love a hand-turned, wooden, heirloom-quality item, but the budget interferes. Plus I can choose a different size depending on the amount of yarn, which is minimal right now. And I love making things.

Anyway. Life is the bounce of employment and unemployment and odd jobs. Part of me really wants to return to school to brush up and improve my knowledge of Adobe programs. Or more so than I know now. The other part of me is leaning towards Lynda.com, but I love a classroom environment. It makes me more productive. On the other hand, with computer programs and related programming, it is so easy to pick up and learn it when you really want to. For free, off the internet.

Devoting more of my time, now that much of it is free, to cranking out a slew of amigurumi and other knitted/crocheted items for selling on Etsy. Trying to make a living off of it. Print collateral like cards and stationery are also on the list. I love print media, and designing it. It's unfortunate the corporate marketplace for this is low on the hiring end of the list. But independently it's a pretty promising market. I'll see.

Photos of products and hopefully touching up and making my website tolerable, if not what I want exactly yet. It needs a huge update, as it is.

Being on the poor ends has increased my cooking turnout—not that I don't love cooking and do it often, anyway, but finding those ingredients for a delicious, long-lasting recipe has increased. I love homemade chicken and dumplings and baked bread, anyway. So much better than store bought.