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On the homefront...

I went to Stitches West, and wish I had arrived earlier! 2 hours was only enough time to look over a third of the booths, if I remember correctly. It is definitely worth browsing for a $6-$8 entry fee, and I was amazed at the array of beautiful yarn and fiber and patterns. Much of it very inspiring, and many places I'd never even heard of are definitely on my list of future purchases (if far future at this point).

The best part of being there was being able to see the work of other people, designers, knitted up. Gave me some great ideas, and I've been starting to lean into playing with color a little more, and seeing all the shawls and socks and mittens and sweaters gave me so many ideas, even for incorporating into my little animals. And to be able to actually touch fiber that I've only seen online. And ogle the spinning wheels and weaving looms that I one day want fixed in my home...ah.

I briefly met Krista of Pigeonroof Studios and had to pick up a 4oz braid of Blissful silk/merino. I've seen some amazing yarns and finished items from her fiber, and couldn't help myself. Gorgeous golds and purples and browns. I decided to start spinning it up immediately, since I've only been practicing on samples. Samples are great, but by the time I figure out how to work with the fiber best, it's already all spun up. I reconciled with my Schact Hi-Lo spindle. I think we're friends now.

Also picked up these gorgeous variegated, marled laceweights from Yarn Place from Arizona.

Anyway. Back to all of that. There are many things of yarn to complete, and still 2lbs of this to sort and wash and spin:


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Aug. 29th, 2010 08:55 pm (UTC)

I haven't read this damn thing for literally years, so it's interesting to come back and see what I've been missing!
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