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OMG, jobhunt, OMG. A jillion good prospects popped up today (this equates to about five openings that I would really like to work), and for some reason my drawing abilities are suddenly trash. Perseverance is key.

Also, why the fuck can't I read more than about 12 current friend LJ entries? Is this a bandwith issue that I have been too far absent on livejournal to notice? What a pain in the ass.

There may be more later. I may just have to move back to livejournal. Maybe. I just need all my internet joys simplified, and the best way to do that is be picky. Wordpress or Blogger. Livejournal or Codexed. I feel like a girl trying to pick her prom dress. Frantic, indecisive, and maybe a little bitchy.

Man, there is so much more going on in my life than this. But sometimes you just want a corner to spew unpoetically.