The Compass Point

...and a magnet...

Fort Bacon, Bay Area
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I make things with my hands and heart, and sometimes even my head.

I like to do my own thing; as long as I still can laugh, I love living.

80s cartoons, a book under blankets, accents, alice in wonderland, animals, art of performing, asylum street spankers, backpacking, baking, baroness, bay windows, biking, bookmaking, books in the sun, brancusi, castro district tea roses, clothes that fit, coffee, comics comics comics, compass forward, cooking, cowboy bebop, crafting, creation and destruction, dave mckean, defiance ohio, devo, dirty circuses, discoveries, e.e. cummings, eating raw oatmeal, edward gorey, felines, fishing, food, free found things, free rides, freight trains, garlic, gene kelley, good conversations, good storytelling, grandparents, guys in three-piece suits, headshaves and unicycles, hitchcock movies, human behavior and culture, immersion in nature, ink drawings, jack london, klimt, kyle baker, language, living fiction, lying on the ground, making the art, making things with yarn, making yarn, manic dancing, manowar, maps, maurice sendak, monty python, mucha, musicals, natural way of living, neil gaiman, occasional cigarettes, old manual typewriters, pablo neruda, painting, patterdale terriers, paul newman, peeing outside with friends, philosophy, pinchers of power, playing the piano, potential of words, printmaking, roald dahl, sculpting, self discovery, self sufficiency, singing, spirit of community, the beatles, the sandman, the smell of bandaids, these feet of mine, torrential downpours, true human history, ukulele strummins, vice known as love, wordless communication, writing, x-ray photography